What is KidPick-App there for?

KidPick is an App for parents and children, grandparents, friends, babysitters and school and kindergarden teachers. The App facilitates collection times, lifts and play dates in a personal and safe network, coordinated and quickly communicated.

Be spontaneous

Be spontaneous – when family days change quickly,

you have to react speedily and flexibly.

There is simply no time to lose!    

Be synchronised

Be synchronised – Where was that telephone list with all the contacts

of the other kindergarden parents? Is it even up-to-date?

Exactly when things get hectic, that’s when you need a quick overview.

Be safe

Be safe – the safety of our children is the topmost priority.

Safety comes first – which applies specifically to communication in social networks 

KidPick is Safe: Only people who are personally included in your network

and received an invitation link can contact you.

You invite people using a one-off, individual code.

Parents, friends and relatives are invited in this manner and confirmed at both ends.

Your data remains hosted in Germany and neither third parties nor advertising companies will be given your information.


Organise PickUps

You can upload requests and/or organise PickUps

from the kindergarden or school or even socially.

It really doesn’t matter whether you want to contact specific friends

or your entire KidPick network.


Organise PlayDates

PlayDates can be spontaneous or pre-planned – whatever you want.

You can organise PlayDates just how you organise PickUps –

open requests to your entire KidPick network or contact individuals specifically.

Urgent PickUp?

Urgent PickUp or PlayDate?

You can mark a request or appointment as ‘urgent’ to get

the speediest possible response from your KidPick network.


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